Pardon Request For Logan Delisle

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My son's story lies below. Justice has not served him and now we are asking you to sign this petition that will be sent to the Governor Charlie Baker to ask him to pardon Logan. With Logan's previous record and the fact that now a few jurors are trying to help, we fill hopeful. Please sign if you will.

 Logan Delisle was convicted on September 3rd 2017 of unforceble sexual assault (because saliva was found somewhere between her waist and thigh) on a 15-year-old girl who originally said it was with force until video tapes from local businesses proved otherwise. This girl changed her story three times and when the defense caught her in lies, she plead that she couldn't remember. Logan was a senior in school and 18 at the time this occurred. He was looking forward to going in the military the following June. The girl dated other 18 year olds and  told Logan that she was 17. She told the world she was 17 via facebook. Through her police interview and testimony in court, she laughed through almost the entire thing, smiling at him when she pointed to him. It was not a nervous laugh but a laugh that something was funny...

To add to this case the jury was made up of nine women and only three men, there was no one even within a decade of his age group.

Logan wanted to be a police officer, he wanted to help rape victims. He was a volunteer fireman, he did ride-alongs with the sheriff and local police department. He was a quiet and very good child and teen. Vermont has adapted a Romeo and Juliet law that addresses high school kids who go to school together and many states have adopted the same. 

Logan did not do this and should not have to go through his entire life as a register sex offender. This is a petition to speak on his behalf that is a good, caring person and should be set free.

Logan even has a Juror who visits him on a  regular visit and is trying to help him to get out. This case is unusual and we need to find a way to get him released. Again Thank you for your support. 

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I do need to note, that it is important to protect Rape Victims but “regret is not rape” the need for attention is not rape, the excuse to get out of trouble because you are late to school and missed your math test is not a reason for rape.