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Pardon Marc Emery

Marc Emery was brought into US custody and is under arrest for selling Cannabis seeds to purchasers living in the USA. Currently, he is facing 5 years in prison and trial by an American court when what he did in Canada (his home country) is a minor offense!

Guns and hard drugs are sold from the USA to Canada illegally everyday. When that happens, Canadian law enforcement officers arrest the people who purchased the illegal items in Canada...they don't extradite the Americans who are selling the guns or drugs. So why employ this irrational tactic now?

The Drug Enforcement Agency is only doing this to make an example out of him. In 2005, former US DEA administrator Karen Tandy proclaimed that Emery's arrest struck "a significant blow to the marijuana legalization movement. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on."

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