Save the Duke Nukem Film!

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Jon St. John
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For over 26 years, Duke Nukem has been evolving the First Person Genre and now his legacy is in jeopardy.  The studio executives over at Platinum Dunes/Paramount want to create an abomination cutting out its main voice talent... Jon St. John aka Duke Nukem!  They have opted to seek out wrestling star John Cena as a live action stand in.  

This development company is know for making some great horror films over an 11 year period (2003 to 2014), but it is also the platform that created the awful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films and the up coming Dora The Explorer film.  

They have had some success with The Purge franchise and others but when it comes right down to it, Duke Nukem the Movie has only one path it can take, and that is CGI.  By creating a CGI film, we can maintain the original voice actor Jon St. John and tell a story that is both comical, gory and obscene, just the way we like it!  

If you care about the history of the character and want to see a CGI film featuring Jon St. John as the main voice of Duke Nukem, sign this petition, tell Platinum Dunes and Paramount NO!  Tell Michael Bay to keep his hands off our "Balls of Steel" and if anyone tries to get in our way...we will "Rip Their Heads Off and S**t Down Their Necks!"

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