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Paramount Pictures to make Nick Antosca's Friday The 13th 3D

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For years, The Friday the 13th Franchise has been dormant. When one door opens, it seems to close before one foot is through the threshold. The recent halt in production for the newest film due to "Rings" poor box office numbers is indicative of a company that is out of touch with their audience.

We don't need an origin story! We want to see Jason pick off camp councilors in creative ways. Friday the 13th is an escape, for the 90 mins or so we are in the theater we want to forget about the actual terror that is outside those doors. I feel that Paramount has no idea what that have on their hands. I could get into the differences between the Ring series and the Friday Franchise but I think that point would be moot. 

Recently, Nick Antosca's treatment "Friday the 13th 3D" was released online. I read it and many others have as well. From what I'm hearing and reading THIS is the treatment the fans (the people who will rush to the theaters and spend their hard earned money on a movie ticket) want to see. It is what we have been clamoring for. It IS the embodiment of what we all love so much about or favorite homicidal momma's boy.

So, The goal of this for us Friday fans to come together sign this patition and show Paramount that there IS STILL a market for Jason. Help spread this like wildfire and lets let them know we are out here and want more Friday's!!!!  To read Nick's amazing script click the link below!

Friday the 13th 3D Script Here

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