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Have a director's cut made of Event Horizon featuring lost footage

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Back in 1997 the film Event Horizon was released, becoming a cult classic space horror, capable of rivalling alien and the like. Sadly, the director Paul W. S. Anderson had to cut the movie 30 minutes short due to Paramount Pictures' strict rulings, and this resulted in a watered down version of the film. Anderson spent years trying to search for the lost footage and it has apparently been found by a producer of the film. Event Horizon, being such an amazing cult classic deserves to be given it's lost footage back and re-released as a director's cut with a formal apology from Paramount Pictures for limiting such a talented director's work. After originally being given such a short time to make his cuts, Anderson should be given enough time to construct a release he can be proud of, with a straight DVD and Blu-Ray release, eliminating Paramount's expected cinema profits from the equation.

It's time Event Horizon got it's pride back. Please help to make an amazing film better and give Paul Anderson a chance to complete his work that was cut short in 1997.

Your support is appreciated. Thank you.

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