The Government guile's to Nipah Volunteers !

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Nipah virus , one of the biggest public challenges kerala has seen in decades. The out break of Nipah was a bolt from the blue for the entire field of medicine. It had a source impact on social psyche of kozhikode.

Each and everyone of us has witnessed the vehemence of Nipah. Seamless team work by the entire staff nips Nipah in the bud. At that time health minister offered the Nipah volunteers a permenent post but now when the situation changed, these volunteers are terminated. Terminating them from the service without keeping up the given promise. Now they are conducting an indefinite strike. Authorities offered this permenent employee post in recognition of the selfless service rendered by them during this period.

The government had honoured them for their service and at that time health minister K.K Shailaja had announced that they will be retained in service. Unfortunately instead of keeping up the promises, the authorities terminated those workers. Looking to the past we all will agree that, the 42 staff and their service has to be rewarded. Violating the given promise is injustice. The medical, paramedical students Unions and other staff of Calicut Medical College ensured their support to these 42 workers on mission to fight against injustice.Lets raise our voice for these voiceless to exempt them from this plight.