Restoring the World of Darkness IP to 20th Anniversary

Restoring the World of Darkness IP to 20th Anniversary

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Michael Fagundes started this petition to Paradox Interactive and

The World of Darkness IP has been greatly hindered by recent and sudden changes to its lore, mechanics and defacing their prior values. White Wolf and World of Darkness was a TableTop Roleplaying game devoted to heavy roleplay and storytelling while also exploring personal horror, philosophical, moral and very real world questions and conundrums, sadly with the coming of V5 this has begun to change.
V5 has changed by massively altering lore in poor ways and executing it poorly by not giving it the same love and attention as things where done before (Ex: The Clan Novel Saga. ) While not all of these lore updates are bad many of them are rushed, incomplete or fly in the face of the lore.
An example of it being rushed was the defection of Clan Lasombra from the Sabbat to the Camarilla, it has been very rushed, little shown and all done in 1 book rather then a chronicle series ( as mentioned before ) or mention in additional books to go deeper into the reasons for their defection and their decision. 
A example of very bad changes can be shown in the coming Werewolf the Apocalypse " V5 " which aims to horribly damage not only the entire lore but suddenly and violently alter it to appease a small number of angry voices. 
No, World of Darkness was created to challenge morals, philosophies and explore both personal horror and the world itself, not hold hands and satisfy the interests of any one group or party. 
In the words of Jason Carl " If you are coming to our community to start trouble and argue politics we do not want you in our community, we do not want your money "

Sadly White Wolf seems to be ignoring the advice of their writers who have worked on this lore and universe with love and passion for years, establishing great bonds with their fandom causing some of them to leave.. or be forced to simply say what the company tells them in the interest of appealing to the greater audience rather then adhere to what they set out to do and create on-top of being loyal to their fans which grow in number every day out of love and a desire to spread their passion for this game and community, this has begun to make many fans become concerned or lose hope in what they love beginning to die.

What this petition aims to change.
1 - The restoration of the V20 mechanics which best complimented the roleplaying and storytelling focus of The World of Darkness IP 
2 - Restoring the lore of Vampire the Masquerade and that of its clans and lore. 
3 - While this petition is not opposed to the defection of the Lasombra and the Second Inquisition this petition does seek to restore the lore as mentioned above and set it back to the point of the Becketts Jyhad diary and encourage White Wolf to build up to these events if they are to happen over several books as it these where poorly handled and extremely sudden coming almost over night which was still very new and filled the purpose of updating lore.
4 - This petition seeks to repair the lore of Werewolf and the other modules of the World of Darkness IP before it is broken and horribly changed into something they are not. 
5 - This petition aims to restore and maintain the World of Darkness, its themes and aims true to what they where and where meant to be. 

I intend to use this petition to raise awareness of these issues to the fans as well as to bring it to the attention of White Wolf itself that these issues exist and that the fans are not pleased and know they are capable of better.
With enough traction and attention then perhaps White Wolf will bring much needed changes to the World of Darkness to return it to the Lore, System and Themes, we all know and love. 

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