Petition for Paradox Interactive to develop a new cities skylines game

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Petition addressed to Paradox Interactive to start developing a new cities skylines game. 

Like many other players of cities skylines have I noticed it’s limits due to the relatively old unity engine on which the game is running. After reaching out to other players on Reddit and Steam, have I and other users come to the conclusion to start a petition that addresses these problems. And since building cities is our passion, we have come up with the following things that should be fixed by a new game, wishing for its development and release.


1. Integration of player made mods that are viewed as essential by the community.
Some of these mods, regarded as essential are; Traffic Manager: President Edition, Intersection Marking tool, Find it, Move it and Quay-, Road-, Prop- and Tree Anarchy. 

2. Performance stability.
Since the current engine only supports single core processing are lags and unstable frame-rates very likely, even when playing without mods or assets. I have made a poll on Reddit to illustrate how many players are however playing with mods and wish for improvement. As with the first of Oktober, 14:52, CET, a 122 Votes in total as with 81 people playing with more than 10 mods, 22 with less than 10 mods and only 19 without any mods ( Since modded players are the ones benefiting the most from a multicore supporting engine and are the majority of the player-base, would a new game only be fair. In addition to that, do vanilla players also experience poor performance on bigger cities. 

3. Additional requests are gameplay features such as smoother visuals on building level upgrades, better options for managing public transport and improved water physics.


In can be concluded that Cities:Skylines is a favorite game to many. Thank you for your time.