All Papuan MPs in Government Please Leave PNC Led Government

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Our beautiful Country of Papua New Guinea is reeling from the damage done by a reckless government led by the most irresponsible PM we have ever seen, this has to change, PNC and Peter Oneil have had 8 years to build this nation up, they have had opportunity to spend and save multi-billions of Kina to develop our country, but what is the result?

Worsening health outcomes, short sighted educational policies that provide no clear path for school leavers, institutions of state crumbling, no check and balance on a greedy PM and friends who are selling our nation for peanuts...vadaeni! 

He has had enough time, its time for someone else to steer the ship

We are calling out to you from Western through Gulf, Central, Milne Bay and finally our people from Oro

Sign this petition of you are sick of parasites raping our nation and destroying our future and you want to let our Papuan members of parliament know that they must leave it is the wish of the people!