Papua New Guinea Children's Hospital

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Paul Titus started this petition to Papua New Guinea Government and Collective Donor Agencies and

Children, Children,  Children, Our Future!

All our existing hospitals in Papua New Guinea were built by our forefathers to meet the needs of all age groups. Currently, we have a large number of older, middle age and children are all using the same facilities. If you visit some of our existing hospitals, the situation is in dare and abhorent conditions. It appeared to be currently under stress, out-dated or some part of hospitals are malfunctioning. In hindsight, majority of families in PNG can not afford private hospitals for their children illnesses. It is not good enough. We can not stand back and seeing children dying of preventable illnesses.

Many of our innocent children of today somewhat suffered from the decisions we all adults made, in one way or another.  In whatever situation that our children of today are found in; it is not too late to rewrite a new way for our children of tomorow. 

We all adults of today 'need' to have a hard and long look in the mirror,  and say to ourselve, "we got to make this world a better place for our children. A place where all children with critical illnesses will be cared by professionals, highly trained children's nurses, peadiatricians (children's doctors), surgeons and staff."

It is our responsibility to build a customise hospital for our children of tomorrow. It is a need of our generation to create a better health care for our children. It must start today.Why should you care about this? One day, your very own children or children of your relatives will  need a health care. Therefore, you should care about this petition. 

One of the best things we people of today can do is to build a world-class hospital for our children in PNG.

Imagine, if we all 8 million population contributed at least K10, towards the World-Class Children Hospital without government support and donors assistant. It will be closer to K80,000,000. It is feasible and it is achieveable. We 'must' think of collective good, collective achievement and progress as people.

If we can collectively make it happen. We need to leave this blessed country call Papua New Guinea a better place for tomorrow's children.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!