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Let Trans Kids Use Whatever Bathroom They Want

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My school is all for equality and regularly preaches about how everybody deserves to have basic human rights. But recently I learned that my friend (female, previously male) has to walk all they way to student support in order to complete the simple task of using the bathroom (a basic human right) . Apparently her using the womens bathroom will make people uncomfortable, but it's not just her that struggles with this issue, heaps of kids have to use the bathroom of the gender they either no longer identitfy with or they just can't use any at all, which is hardly fair.

Transgender people, or anyone who identifies as something other then the one they were born as already have to deal with so much nonsense and using the bathroom should not have to be one of them. 

I am hoping that by creating this petition my school will see that transgender individuals using the bathroom that conform to their gender identity will not make the other students unsafe or uncomfortable and if someone is uncomfortable with it they can simply pull their head out of their ass and get over themselves. 


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