GPS50 for NCSSM students at Papa Johns

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As students at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM), we aren't allowed to have a job. This can make it very difficult to purchase food items when we crave them or when our cafeteria is having a sub-par night. When this is the case, students at NCSSM like to turn to an alternative food item that can really be only acquired by purchasing food. For many years, whenever students craved pizza, Papa John's was our go to pizza place due to the fact that it had the gift from God himself known as GPS50, which was a magical code that allowed the user to order pizza at a cost that is 50% of what it would usually cost them. This was amazing for students who had little money to spare whenever they were hungry. Papa John's has diabolically taken this away from us and we would very much appreciate it if they gave it back. If our demands aren't met, we will exclusively order pizza from Domino's until Papa John's gives us our GPS50 back.


In short, we want pizza for half price again because we're (mostly) poor, jobless, students.

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