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Stop Threatening Your Workers' Job Security Because Obama Won

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Prior to the 2012 election, you were one of several misguided CEO's and business owners to threaten to engage in layoffs of employees or hour reductions if President Obama was reelected.

This type of threat, and this type of pressure, applied to average workers who have given their all to support and grow your company, is entirely unacceptable. It is undemocratic, reactionary, and spiteful, and it has absolutely no place in the United States.

Your claims about necessary layoffs and pizza hikes are an unfounded attack on your workers and an insult to those who enjoy your product on a regular basis. Your profits last year were $1.2 billion. Estimates indicate that your costs will increase by a meager $5-8 million to provide healthcare to all of your hard-working, dedicated employees. This is healthcare that will keep them and their families safe and healthy. Based upon these figures, this is an operating expense increase in your budget of between 0.4% to 0.7%, or an increase in price per pizza by 3.6 to 4.6 cents per pie.

This type of spite and greed has no place in business or in any civilized society. Your workers, average folks trying to pay the bills and make a decent, honest living, have built your business on their backs, and you could not have reached the level of success you have today without their dedication.

4 cents per pizza, or 0.5% of overall operating expenses is a very, very small price to pay to give your employees security in their health and well-being.

So today, you have an option. You can recant your statements, show some humility, and demonstrate to your workers that you care about their well-being and their freedom to choose in an election, or you can lose customers. I will not support a business that doesn't look out for the very people that helped to make it great. Just as you commit to layoffs now that the President has won reelection, I commit to stop purchasing any of your products if you continue this crusade against the workers who made you what you are. So now it's your turn to choose, John; and if you choose to continue on the path you have, it's going to cost a lot more in lost revenue from lost customers than the other option, a meager 4 cents per pizza.

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