Save the church!

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      Father Delahaye was born and raised in Boulogne, France. In 1914, at the age of thirty years old, he arrived in Japan and dedicated  his life to missionary activities in foreign countries until 1957 the year that he passed away. In 1931, he went all the way back to France for a fundraising in order to build a Catholic church in Shimizu. However, this memorable church is now at risk being demolished.
  The Catholic Shimizu Church is a Gothic cathedral that employs architectural style of Japanese wooden buildings. During World War II, this church saved many lives of those who miraculously escaped or were rescued from a blast injury from a bomb explosion.The church is standing still gracefully, looking over the city of Shimizu after surviving the violent attack of the air raid during the war and numerous earthquakes until today. With a regular maintenance just as other cathedrals around the world, this cathedral of 83 years old will continuously play a important role as a peace symbol advocating world peace. Together with its history and cultural value, this precious church is regarded as a Cultural Properties by Shimizu citizens. Once it becomes demolished, there is no other way to rebuild the same church that is filled with a long-standing history followed by countless prayers for peace. 

   Please help by your signature, to preserve the Church of Shimizu, that the lifework of Father Delahaye will remain, a men who loved Shimizu and Japan so much!