Panos & Satya... Give us a Microsoft Surface Duo "phone" running Windows 10x

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The newly announced Surface Duo running Android ONLY does not accomplish what many windows UWP developers and Microsoft fans want.  We want a Surface Duo device that runs the new Windows 10x OS and that emulates Android apps.


Because there are many developers still out here that want to write Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that run on all form factors.  When UWP was announced you promised one code base to run on any form factor... including phones and other small form factor "pocketable" devices.  Many developers, both on the consumer and enterprise sides of things, still really really want to target small form factor devices with UWP, it's just that there doesn't exist any since you killed Lumia!

By announcing an Android-ONLY Surface branded device you effectively also slammed the door shut on there ever truly being a "universal" Windows app.  

Panos Panay and Satya Nadella of Microsoft we urge you to keep your promise to UWP developers and fans and give us Windows 10x on Surface Duo. 

BTW by allowing us to emulate Android apps on said device you would effectively accomplish the same thing you're already trying to with Duo without slamming the door on small form factor UWP.  A Surface Duo... a truly "duo" device... supporting both Win10x & Android... would give us the best of both worlds.

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