Conduct Of “Online classes & Examination” - AGBS MUMBAI

Conduct Of “Online classes & Examination” - AGBS MUMBAI

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Pankaj Shukla Director AGBS Mumbai and

Why this petition matters

Respeced Sir/Madam ,
We the Students of *BBA* have an appeal cum request to put forward.

With all due respect , *We hereby request y'all to shift the End Term examinations (May 2022) completely online on Amizone platform just like past times.*

We have some strong reasons to support our above plea.

We are scared by different questions like lack of preparation time & anticipation of what will happen if we don’t score well. It is extremely difficult for us to cope up with offline exam pressure.

*2. ONLINE STUDIES SHOULD HAVE ONLINE EXAMS* - I hope you agree that we had most of our studies online this year. It totally makes a difference in studying online and studying offline. And this is the last semester, our admissions, placements, scholarships & our whole future depends on the marks of this!

*3. LACK OF PREPARATION TIME* - The official notice was sent on our official Whatsapp group on 8th March. Everyone was sceptical and did not prepared of offline before the notice came in so it is now very difficult.

*4. PAPER PATTERN & NATURE OF EXAMS* : What we mean here is first we increased our typing speed gradually. Now in a short period of time it is not possible for us to practice and speed up our writing.

*5. STUDENTS HAVE APPLIED FOR SCHOLARSHIPS/ENTRANCE EXAMS* There are students who have applied for scholarships and the chances of getting scholarships rely on the average results of all the sems so if due to this mental pressure before few days of exam can effect the results which will thereby not get the scholarships leading to even worse mental health, losing out of opportunities and financial burden will increase in family.

*6. ONLINE EXAMS BY COMING TO COLLEGE SHOULD NOT BE KEPT* - Majority of the students have attempted exams through mobile in the past 3 semesters & mobile typing and desktop typing are different in many aspects which will also be a problem for a major number of students. The Amizone platform is quite equipped of anti cheating means hence it shouldn't be problem for the college to conduct online exams anyways.

*7. FINANCIAL STRESS ON STUDENTS* - Many students have taken up work unwillingly due to these hard fought covid times. Thinking about them , they are in a very crunch situation and leaving them hardly anytime to prepare for offline exams.

*8. OTHER COLLEGES ARE KEEPING EXAMS ONLINE* There are colleges like Atharva College, NL College, Mumbai University & Thakur college keeping end term examination online and we feel even our college authorities should put themselves on our shoes, look at this from a student’s point of view and help us with the same.

Yes we agree covid is at the verge of its end and we are not stating covid as any sort of reason for the exams to be online. And we don’t mean to be rude, we are literally crying out for help from our professors!

The above message is created by taking up opinions of all the students in Amity Global Business School, Mumbai Students

*We hope that y'all will consider our sincere plea without any further ado and help us out.*

216 have signed. Let’s get to 500!