Cancel Exams and Promote Panjab University's Students

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Amidst chaos caused by the Covid-19, All major institutions like IIT's, IIM's, PEC, etc and even some state governments like Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Odisha have decided not to conduct Examinations due to rising cases in the country but yet Panjab University Chandigarh is in full mood to conduct examination.

Final year students already facing lots of problems just because their exams got delayed. Their placements are at stake as companies are not ready to on-board students till they are done with their exams, they might rescind the job offers if their on-boarding gets delayed due to postponement of exams. It is highly recommended to cancel their exams and promote on the basis of previous semesters.

The students are scared for their health as there is possibility of getting infected while traveling to Chandigarh as majorly students are not UT residents. There's mental pressure on every student due to this horrible situation of the country specially of the students who's neighbor or relatives or someone close is suffering from COVID-19.

There's problem of accommodation as Hostels of university are already handed over to UT admin for quarantine facility which is no longer safe even after sanitisation,  no one is giving their house for PG or rent due to fear of coronavirus. Almost every hostel student doesn't have their books with them, students have lost connection of studies from last 3 months, no on-line classes were held for many departments and syllabus is not completed yet by the teachers.

What if someone gets infected just due to giving exams, will university be responsible?

What will happen to the Repuation of university if God forbids, outbreak happens in the university due to conduction of exams, will university pay for treatment of students or even university can give assurance that nobody will die just due to stepping out of home for writing exams. What is more important exams or lives of students?

This is a petition to the Administration to cancel all terms including the final/end term  examinations as soon as possible so that students don't have to bear the burden of exams anymore.