Panic of fitness industry during MCO

Panic of fitness industry during MCO

4 February 2021
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Panic of fitness industry during MCO (Fitness and Recreation Association Malaysia)
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Why this petition matters

Pls lend me your hand by signing and sharing this petition, for fitness related sector and for you.

We urge the relevant government sektor MKN to look seriously on this matter.

Fitness Industry is always facing the biggest challenge during the MCO, especially for the boutique gym and fitness studio.

Many fitness and recreation centre are facing the similar issue during the MCO, we are not enjoying any subsidies from the government to sustain our business despite the landlord are not giving any subsequent discount on the rental and most of all, we try not to cut the salary as many of them(coach) work on commission or hour basis.

As the minister of KBS, REEZAL MERICAN said:

First, the compliance of activists and players of the sports sector and recreation to obey the SOP until cases involving In the sports sector ARE ALMOST ZERO.

Second; income dependence on fitness coaching remains ZERO during MCO.

Third; sports should be seen as a LARGE ECONOMY ECOSYSTEM and not just focused on sports activities. Sports as industry carries high-value commercial investments including corporate sponsorship, broadcasting and broadcast content with high-quality ′′ eye ball ′′ and sales of ′′ merchandise ′′ involving major tournaments such as MFL, STL etc.

WE DROVE THE SOP WHICH BEEN INSTRUCTED BY KBS STRICTLY and near to ZERO cases of Covid-19 infection happened in our premise, the wide spread are only happened in factory and plantation but less in our fitness industry.

We’ve been trying to launch virtual programme in order to sustain the daily necessary expenses, however it doesn’t help that much because user may download or source from free channel like YouTube or any workout application.
Service we dedicating are professional and we only able to guide the student physically. We are fulfilling the SOP to break the chain of covid-19 spreading and we treat this SOP are firmly unfair to fitness related matters. 

Lastly, we hope the government to reconsider and realign the allowance of reopen for fitness sector, many fitness studio are not able to survive or sustain their business due to the First MCO happened on last year 2020 and yet recovered. We hope the government can put highly consideration on our thought and demand.

#stopthecovidspread #kitajagakita



Glenn Teh

Founder of GTFIT Fitness Centre

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Signatures: 497Next Goal: 500
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