Abolish Homework in Hwa Chong Institution

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If schools stop giving homework, students do not have to stay up to mug and thus get more sleep, which they definitely need and deserve as a human being and it helps them focus in activities in the day. A study has shown Singaporean students spend an average of 6h 32 minutes sleeping, far below the recommended 9-11 hours for aged 6-13 and 8-10 hours for aged 14-17. Therefore, it is beneficial for students to stop doing homework.

We should also abolish homework because we are already tired by classes earlier in the day. We students already spend at least 6 hours in school, toasting out our brains with work (7.30am-1.30pm) and sometimes even 11 hours (7.30am - 6.30pm ) . One observation i have made in school is that even in this time, students are so tired by classes that they fall asleep in class, myself included. How are we expected to do our work after reaching home? As we need time to rest, homework should be abolished.

Also, we should have free time to work on our interests. After taking so much of our time academically in school, is it fair to make us dedicate time at home to studies as well? Do we not have our hobbies? Do we not have our personal goals? Do we not have a life? This applies to holiday homework as well which i find an oxymoron as holidays should be time spent on personal development and happiness. Therefore, to work on non-academic aspects of life, homework should be abolished.

Some may argue, however, that homework is beneficial to the students’ education and is a key component of studies. I disagree as these people are only looking at the hard aspects of life, certificates etc. They have forgotten the softer parts like hobbies, holistics, happiness. Sacrificing these aspects of life for studies and studies only will not be beneficial to the student as a whole.

Therefore, if there is anything that should take a step back, it should be homework and possibly the emphasis on academics so that students can work all aspects of life condusively instead of hobbies etc that we are constantly told from young to not focus on and study first.

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