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Our Bill voted out of Committee. SCORE! Cancel Student loans...

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Oct 1, 2020 — 


We are fighting for the TRUE CANCELLATION of all federally owned student loans.  However, there are some loans (about 15% of all student loans) that the President cannot cancel by executive order.  For those, we are fighting for the return of bankruptcy protections. Whether you would ever- or never ultimately file is not important.  Just having the THREAT of bankruptcy back on our side is what will help EVERYONE...

On that note:  I am THRILLED to report that two days ago, the House Judiciary Committee marked up HR. 2648 and voted it out of Committee! This is a big deal.  This virtually ensures that the bill will be put up for a full House vote before the election.  The vote was 19-4.  Everyone voting for it were democrats.  Everyone voting against it were republicans. You can see the bad buys at the bottom of this vote tally for an amendment that failed.  If you live in one of their districts (particularly North Dakota, you should contact them and light into them.  Seriously. 

HOWEVER:  one republican, Matt Gaetz (Florida) voiced his support for the bill, and even gave a compelling argument for it during the sub-committee hearing  (see this video).  This is important.  He did take some pot shots at Biden here for his past complicity in getting bankruptcy removed, but partisan sniping like this is to be expected right now.  Whatever.  What is important is that he came around, and is now on OUR SIDE.

So in all likelihood we will have at least one chamber of Congress passing our bill.  This has NEVER happened before.  The last time we even came close was 12 years ago, and that failed. So, this is all good. 

It will be EXTREMELY interesting to see if the republicans actually have the audacity to vote against their conservaitve principles, and against this bill in the House.  If they do, I predicte sweeping defeats for the entire party in November.  Seriously.  We are the largest voter bonanza in the modern history of politics in this country.  They stick their finger in our eye (again) at their GREAT PERIL! 

There is still S.1414 that needs to pass the Senate.  Lindsey Graham is the guy who will either make this happen, or not.  All information points to not.  Lindsey Graham is a tool for the swamp.  However we are going to push him VERY HARD, and hopefully VERY PUBLICLY.  If he wants to demonstrate publicly, for the send time in as many months, what a SUPREME HYPOCRITE he is, then he will do nothing with this bill. 

So this all helps us a lot, folks, but please don't forget the bigger picture:  This is a FAILED LENDING SYSTEM and the loans, at this point, must be CANCELLED!

Right now, it would be extremely helpful for you to boost the petition, and retweet this tweet!

Ok folks.  Things are happening fast.  I can't fit everthing in this email.  Keep checking back daily.  Join the facebook group. 


Best Regards,


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