Remove garbage Dumping Ground Near Residential Area in Panchkula

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Failure of Swatch Bharat Mission in Panchkula Extension

Contradicting the principal of ‘Swatch Bharat’ mission, a large garbage dumping ground located in Sector 23 has become a nuisance and an open source of innumerable diseases in its surrounding area. Even though the Panchkula Municipality is advertising the relevance and importance of cleanliness all over the city, it is ironic to see a dumping ground reigning as the ultimate source of unhygienic conditions. We as residents of Sector 25 are directly effected by the never-ending stench produced by the garbage dumping ground. So much so that we have to breath dirty air everyday. The stench is so bad that no residents of sector 25 are unable to open house windows cause of the bad smell and unhygienic air. The dumping ground has been in this area for several years and sadly nothing has been done for its removal. A bunch of metal sheets are built around its boundary. However the dumping ground is built in open air and the metal sheets help in no way, whatsoever to stop the stench and unhygienic air from spreading in residential areas.

Like us, the unhygienic conditions have become a nuisance for temples and Gurudwaras located in the near vicinity of the garbage dumping ground. It is a pity that the municipality has taken for granted the sanctity of such holy grounds by building and not removing an unhygienic garbage dumping ground for years!