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Equality for Boys and Girls gym class

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Henry middle school's boys and girls gym classes are not equal. They put more pressure on the girls, way more than the boys. As a 7th grade girl, I find this extremely unfair.
First off, the schedule, a normal week consists of a sport on Monday, a sports Tuesday, either a sport or an exercise day, Wednesday a sport, every Thursday we run one mile and Friday we get a break with a fun Friday. Now I can't exactly say what the boys exact schedule because I am not a boy, but from some friends and boys that I talk too. The classes include basketball, Powerball, and some, football. no mile running no exercise days.
Next up, Warm-up. From what I have gathered boys do not warm up. They go straight to their games. Girls, on the other hand, have to run for three minutes then stretches for a couple more. I don't think that's fair to us girls.

 Another thing, the uniform. Girls are required to put our hair up Wear dark clothes and put away our ancestors and change shoes (if needed). On the other hand, boys Don't have to do a thing. This further shows they have no intention of seriously working out. Or it could be that the coaches just don't care which goes into my next topic.
Lastly, the coaches. This is a complaint about both classes but more for the boys. The coaches don't really care, the extreme of this is shown in the boys class. I have a boy here from 5th-period boys PE. From his account attendance, a vital thing to make sure people do not skip has not been taken once. in his own words. when asked if you could skip class he said. "technically yes they never take attendance, of course, i'm responsible so I wouldn't." . On a smaller scale, the girls Pe coaches always seem to be on their phones. This is especially shown on fun Fridays were they let us lose to play only looking up to see if people are just sitting.
In conclusion, I would like equality of both boys and girls gym classes, for better and more balanced physical education for all.

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