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We, the undersigned, would like the new grading policy started in Region 1 to be removed. Many of us feel that the grading policy has been a failure. This is due to poor decisions made before and during the roll out which include

·        Starting too quickly

·        Not having a clear path of how it works, administrators having no answers when issues arise leading to knee-jerk reactions to fix the problem.

·        Changing the sports/extra-curricular activities eligibility in the middle of the marking period which has created more problems

·        NO transparency-Teachers, parents and students were not informed of or asked to help facilitate the changes.  Concerns of parents, teachers and students are often disregarded.

·        Flex time often cancelled

·        Some teachers overloaded with reassessments and cannot give students the attention they deserve and need

·        After school Open Table not staffed properly nor running consistently

·        NYPs are given for everything-missing assignment, incomplete, sick the day of a test and any summative assessment under 70. 1 NYP for an assignment=NYP for the class

·        Formative assignments (homework), effort, work ethic and participation are not graded or counted.

·        Not preparing students for college or workforce

·        No plans for what happens to students with NYPs at the end of the year/4th marking period

WE STAND for giving our children the best education we can and don’t want them to be used as guinea pigs.  Please tell us you do too by signing below.