Revive Grantville, GA using street art

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Mission of This is Grantville:
To help revive the town of Grantville, GA from the outside in by finding unique ways to encourage foot traffic and make it a place that MUST be experienced first hand thus creating the demand for businesses in hopes of helping the town thrive. Our hope is to also preserve and educate on the history of Grantville, GA and allow people a chance to leave their legacy by adding to the history for our kids and beyond.

This is Grantville - rebuild the town of Grantville GAGoals for This is Grantville:
To get community involvement to revitalize the outsides of the buildings and surrounding areas and to paint a picture of what could be! My goal is to bring enough foot traffic and interest that it will provide the support for future businesses to open. I plan to use the website to not only share the art in the town, but also to use it as a tool to provide historical background on the town of Grantville and the buildings which will educate and preserve the history while also offering an opportunity for people in the community to leave their legacy.

This project is a “labor of love” and our hopes are that we can encourage enough community involvement to donate their artistic talents, helping hands, man power, and creativity to revive the town!