Stop the City of Sunrise from gouging Davie residents for water.

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In the past decade, the City of Sunrise has raised the price of water for Davie residents by more than 200%. No other utility or convenience bill has seen such an exorbitant rate increase, not even the gasoline we put in our vehicles.

When I moved to the Town of Davie in 2004, I had no idea I'd be paying the City of Sunrise for water--with no other options--or that fourteen years later, despite efforts to the contrary, we'd still be in the same boat. The City of Sunrise does not provide any added benefit for the markup and it doesn't include garbage or recycling, yet the rates Davie residents must pay are nearing extortion because of a 25% surcharge clause.

But the fact is, if we wanted to be beholden to the City of Sunrise, we would have moved to Sunrise. It's time for change to happen. Sunrise needs to concede that Davie is capable of providing its residents with safe and clean drinking water and return the right to Davie to do just that or restructure its pricing to bring it back in line with the market and eliminate or significantly reduce the municipality surcharge to stop Sunrise from gouging non-residents.

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