The Little Foreclosure Heard Around The World

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The Little Foreclosure Heard Around The World

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In 2004 My home was badly damaged by the 4 hurricanes that devastated Florida that year. Many hundreds of thousands Floridians suffered the same fate. As homes were rebuilt and our state was recovering, Countrywide Home Loans was claiming to assist people in putting their homes and lives back together by offering them “America's Wholesale Lender” Loans..

 I later learned that America's Wholesale Lender was nothing more than a registered advertising slogan trademark. It was Not a NY Corporation as stated in the mortgage. It was NOT a member of MERS. It DID NOT have a business license or Mortgage Lenders License and it WAS NOT a legal entity of any kind. This is fraud, and with all cases of fraud you need only to follow the money to find the perpetrator.

 The money to fund these mortgages came from the pockets of investors in mortgage back securities. Countrywide (Now B of A) did not put their name on the documents as lender, nor did they place these loans in a trust as required, however, Countrywide and later Bank of America collected the monthly payment and kept it for themselves. In order for this scheme to work, it was necessary for these loan to be designed to fail and the house to fall into foreclosure That way the bank would take possession of the home and no one would be the wiser.

 In spite of the fact that I proved this fraud, in a trial in the Seminole County Florida,  three judges from the Florida 5th District Court of Appeals overturned that lower court's ruling and not only disagreed with the Lower Court Judge but ruled in favor of Bank of America, and awarded them a judgment of foreclosure, stating that even though Countrywide's name did not appear anywhere on the documents and no one involved had a License to do Mortgage Lending, it was a valid loan. Because the 5th DCA did not return this case to the Trial Court, my constitutional right to defend my property was violated

 If you or anyone you know had a Countrywide loan, between the year of 2002 and 2008 you may want to check to see if it was an “America's Wholesale Lender” originated loan. There were reportedly 3.5 Million of these loans, issued nationwide and I believe several hundred thousand of them in Florida. I have all the documents to prove this fraud and offer them to anyone who may need them as well as to Pam Bondi, Florida State Attorney General, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), to do a criminal investigation regarding Countrywide/Bank of America's egregious violation of the Constitutional Rights of the citizens of Florida and this nation. I am also asking for the OCC to grant an injunction on Bank of America Corp and Bank of America, NA to stop the sale of my home based on this fraud against myself and other homeowners.

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