Return the Equestrian Team to PVPUSD

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It is often the dream of high school students to be a part of their school team. Belonging to a team is beneficial for a multitude of reasons, sense of belonging, leadership opportunity, achievements, and camaraderie. It provides additional support to advancing their education and ability. Colleges often look at a student's team participation and school involvement. 

Recently the PVPUSD has a made a decision to disband our High School Equestrian Team. This would force students into an independent study program. This eliminates the team approach, school/team involvement, and further isolates students from their peers. This decision was not collaborative and from what was presented was not based on funding concerns. The coaching staff for the Equestrian team are volunteers that have an application on file, fingerprinted, background checked with the district and maintain certification to ensure compliance. The coaching staff meet the same requirements of all other coaching staff. The current coaching staff for the Equestrian team wanted to ensure all athletes have an equal opportunity to participate so do not require participation fees or membership fees. Each athlete that joins the team has an equal opportunity to compete and participate, no one is left "on the bench", each ability is applauded.

Please consider signing this petition to encourage PVPUSD to reinstate the Equestrian team. By signing this petition you are joining an effort to allow the Co-ed Equestrian team to continue in it's present form. 

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