Save the Costume Closet!

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The PTA is looking to end their management of the Costume Closet, citing various reasons as to why they cannot effectively maintain the Costume Closet. Closed session voting has moved the PTA toward dissolution of the Costume Closet. The final vote at the PTA council is March 16. We are working to save our beloved Costume Closet.

We have a productive solution that will absolve the PTA of the burden.

Did you know that the PTA has only been overseeing the Costume Closet for six years? Prior to this time, the Costume Closet ran under their own Board--very effectively and at a profit. It is time to go back to the Costume Closet having its own Board of Directors. 

The community at large uses the Costume Closet. This is not just a PTA issue. Those who have sought information have been told a variety of reasons for the PTA's decision, but these reasons do not hold water:

PTA says.......The Costume Closet loses money.

FACT: The Costume Closet operates at a profit annually as verified by their treasurer. As a non-profit, after expenses, it reinvests the surplus funds into maintenance and costume replacements if necessary. Further profits can be dispersed to the schools. 

PTA says....Insurance is a problem.

FACT: The Costume Closet's insurance is paid out of its profits and completely covers the contents of the store.

PTA says...They aren't allowed to run a business.

FACT: Businesses are allowed by state PTA rules and they have been followed for many years. Remember, the Costume Closet has been in existence over 40 years. 

PTA says...There are not enough volunteers.

FACT: Someone has already volunteered to chair this position in its current state. If a separate Costume Closet Board is implemented, this volunteer will take this responsibility on themselves thereby freeing the Council of what Council sees as a burden. 

PTA members claim...They do not want the obligation of mandatory volunteering.

FACT: As stated above, there already is a volunteer who had agreed to manage the volunteering and several people have volunteered to be on a separate Costume Closet Board and will recruit volunteers. Perhaps it is time that the PTA eliminate any need for PTA Council members to participate in mandatory volunteering.

If you want to save the Costume Closet, please sign this petition. If you register on this petition, you will receive updates as to the status and actions. Please check back for updates.

For now, you can also contact your children's schools to see who the 6 or 7 PTA Council representatives will be at the March 16 meeting. Contact these representatives and give them your opinion and ideas about how to keep the Costume Closet open. When you tell them your position, they will be able to weigh in more effectively at their March 16 meeting. 

PTA separation does not have to mean closing Costume Closet doors! 


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