New sprung dance floors for Palos Verdes High School’s dance rooms to prevent injury


New sprung dance floors for Palos Verdes High School’s dance rooms to prevent injury

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Miranda Kim started this petition to Palos Verdes High School District, PVHS Booster Club Dr. Park

PVHS needs new sprung floors to ensure safe and appropriate flooring for Choreo, Intermediate Dance, Theater, Drama, JV and Varsity Song, P.E. Yoga, and many other programs. The current floors do not have shock resistance and are built on concrete, which is causing injuries. This type of flooring attributes to dangerous conditions for dancers and others who use the dance rooms. A new sprung floor would prevent both long term injuries (such as compression injuries, stress fractures, and sprains), and major injuries such as the ones that occurred in Choreo this past year (2015-16). Furthermore, the floor’s slick surface has been an issue that prevents students from practicing certain techniques; it poses the safety risk of slipping and makes students more susceptible to injuries.

New sprung flooring is not only beneficial to the numerous programs and classes that use the dance rooms on a regular basis, but is necessary. Sprung dance floors are a standard in dance studios because it is known that they are crucial for ensuring safety and preserving physical health.

We are asking for your support in funding and follow through of our request to replace the upper and lower dance room floors with sprung flooring. Currently, we are receiving a quote from McWil Sports Surfaces, Incorporated. Grant Patterson, CEO/President of the company, has performed many floor replacements for the district including PVHS’s basketball floor. However, we have not confirmed who will be installing the new floor. We also need support from the Booster club in seeking the allocation of funds for this purpose.

We (Miranda Kim and Georgia Nelson) will make ourselves available for meetings and will dedicate ourselves to getting this accomplished. Though we’ll not likely benefit personally from the improvements, we truly care about the program and the students’ safety while using the facilities. Our hope is to return in the years ahead to find a properly installed flooring in use, and an injury-free community of students enjoying the numerous benefits of the fine arts programs at Palos Verdes High School.


Miranda Kim, Georgia Nelson, and all of those who have signed this petition

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The following are personal statements from students who have requested to stay anonymous:

“Since my freshmen year, the Lower Dance Room has had the same slippery, stiff flooring that I’ve always been nervous to practice on. Rosin is a useless fix and I can never do any leaps without landing and feeling the full impact up my back. I never get this pain in my dance studio where they have sprung floors.”

“I got my injury last year, during my mid-term exam in Choreo. I broke both my ankle and fifth metatarsal after coming down from a jump. I know my injury was purely accidental, but in discussion with my doctor at the time of the injury and later during check-ups, my doctor feels that if we had had a more giving floor, I might not have broken my fifth metatarsal.”

“The fact is, dance has become just as physical a discipline as any sport. Its popularity in our community is attributed to local talents like Misty Copeland. On a global level, dance is becoming increasingly popular due to TV shows (“Dance Moms” and “So You Think You Can Dance”are a couple that have been inspiring new interests). If PVHS doesn’t invest to upgrade its facilities, it will surely fall behind the other high schools. The quality of the facilities in PV just doesn’t match Peninsula’s. This would explain the lack of enthusiasm to attend PVHS among middle schoolers interested in joining dance, theatre, song etc...”

“My knees are always in pain after jumps and even simple rolls on the current floor”


This petition made change with 96 supporters!

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