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The findings of an investigation released on April 8th, 2021 by Cruelty Free International have exposed cruelty and horrific suffering inflicted on dogs, pigs, monkeys, rabbits, rats and mice and systemic breaches of European and Spanish laws meant to protect animals in laboratories.

Vivotecnia is an independent European toxicology contract research organisation based in Madrid, Spain. Since 2000, it has offered services to support pharmaceutical and biotech, cosmetic, chemical and agrochemical industries. Its customers include companies from Spain, Europe (including the UK), Central America, Japan, Korea and the USA.

Footage from the investigation shows animals routinely verbally and physically abused and appalling levels of bad practice during experiments leading to injuries and death. The evidence reveals standards that violate the rules governing how animals in laboratories should be housed and handled as well as procedures carried out without sedation and anaesthesia.

Speak out to stop the suffering. 

Join us in demanding that the Comunidad de Madrid immediately withdraw Vivotecnia’s authorisation to carry out animal experiments, and the facility be closed down now!