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Adopt an EPA-Recommended Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan for Healthy Schools!

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Do you care about student health in our schools?  Reducing Illnesses, allergy, and dangerous asthma attacks?  The EPA, CDC, CDPH, and CA Dept of Education all recommend that school districts adopt proven IAQ Management Plans to reduce illness and absenteeism and improve student health, wellbeing, and performance in school.

Asthma is one of the leading reasons for student and staff illness and absenteeism, and school air quality makes a huge difference!  Even if your child isn't among the growing percentage of children with asthma and allergies, the EPA points to research showing that good indoor air quality helps ALL children in school stay healthier, have fewer colds and flus, and perform better in school.

Why hasn't PAUSD implemented an IAQ Management Plan, when nearly half the districts in the country have?  Did you know that there are no laws or regulations, CA or federal, protecting children from indoor air quality problems or even hazards in schools? 

Former Superintendent Skelly and others in the administration have expressed the belief that if PAUSD parents cared about improving environmental health and indoor air quality, the district office would hear about it.  Have you let PAUSD know you care about school environmental health, even if your child has allergies?  Now is your chance!

The EPA has developed a well-researched, free, flexible IAQ Management Plan,  as a guide for schools to adopt best practices for improving environmental health and air quality in schools, within district resources.  Many steps PAUSD could take won't cost extra if our district follows an IAQ management plan during renovations or operations and maintenance, it's really a matter of awareness during the work.  Many improvements the district has ALREADY MADE will backslide unless we adopt a plan.

Please join us in asking PAUSD to adopt and implement a tried-and-true indoor air quality (IAQ) management plan for the optimal health and wellbeing of our students and staff!

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