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The City of Palo Alto Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) program will drive dentists and other small healthcare offices out of Palo Alto. As it stands, dental and health care offices in greater Downtown and Evergreen Park will lose their employee parking privileges. The area of enforcement is ever expanding and will soon cover all, if not, most of the city. At a time when our skilled staff commute sometimes hours to provide care to the Palo Alto residents, taking their parking away without a functional mass transit infrastructure results in healthcare employee attrition and ultimately practice closures. This is an existential threat to your local access to care.


The City of Palo Alto dental community has been around for over 60 years providing routine and emergency care to Palo Alto residents. Due to rising real state costs, today there are fewer dentists in Palo Alto than ever before. Our months-long wait lists illustrate the demand and support of our Palo Alto patients. Unlike most businesses, we are located away from areas of heavy congestion the RPP program tries to address. More importantly, dental and other small medical facilities are neutral in growth. As one practitioner retires another takes over the care of the patients with little to no change in employee numbers over decades.  In addition, most, if not all offices in Palo Alto provide designated parking spaces for our patients further reducing the parking congestion. In addition:

1) We do not limit your care to 30 min- 2 hour proposed time limits

2) We treat most time-sensitive emergencies right away here in Palo Alto

3) In the event of natural disaster, most of our offices are fully equipped to provide first aid and our teams have been trained to treat medical emergencies 

3) We allow for safe arrival and departure of our elderly patients and families with kids

4) We help alleviate neighborhood traffic by taking hundreds of cars off the road every day (these are patients who would be looking for parking around town)

5) We continue to operate as one of the most neighborhood friendly "commercial" establishments with many offices dating back for decades.


We have worked to inform the City of unintended consequences of such an all-encompassing and restrictive RPP policy. We have provided the City Council with our data pointing to shortcomings of previous surveys and proposed solutions.  We have requested the City to continue to offer parking permits for healthcare providers indefinitely. We continue to work with our neighbors and are humbled by the support we have received thus far. We have urged the Council to provide for meetings of stakeholders and healthcare providers so that together we can come up with a better solution without losing invaluable healthcare services.


Please ACT NOW and ask your Palo Alto City Council to amend the RPP program and allow your dentists and healthcare professionals to continue to purchase permits for their employees indefinitely and save your local access to care.

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