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Palms Against CWC Charter

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Palms Elementary Families and Community Members,

Together, we must take action to ensure that our students continue to have access to all of our school’s facilities. Recently, LAUSD made a decision that is threatening our students’ access to these facilities. 

LAUSD is attempting to hand over crucial parts of our school to Citizens of the World Charter School (CWC), under Prop 39.  In order for LAUSD to comply with Prop 39, they are taking facilities away from our students and giving them to CWC to use as classrooms in order to accommodate every single one of the 200 CWC students. 

Which facilities are LAUSD taking from us? LAUSD is attempting to take facilities that our students are currently using. These include:

  • The Computer Lab (Over 300 students currently use this lab to enrich their education and to learn necessary skills).
  • The Cafeteria.
  • Two Specific Learning Disabilities Classrooms.
  • The Speech Language Pathologist Facility (Provides necessary services to students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).
  • The TSP Coordinator Facility (TSP coordinators provide instructional support for teachers regarding strategies for English learners, foster youth, and low income students).
  • The Resource Specialist Teacher Facility (This facility is used by RSP teachers to help children who qualify for special education).
  • The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Facility.
  • A facility that is used for YMCA after school programs and for vacation care. 
  • A facility that is used as a parent center. 

Under prop 39, our students will not have full and complete access to the facilities listed above once CWC moves in because the facilities will be converted into instructional classrooms for the charter school students!

Our students and our community stand to lose much if CWC comes to our school.  Not only will our students lose the facilities that they are currently using, additionally, students in the community who may later enroll in the charter school may not have Special Day Class (SDC) or Speech Language Pathology Class (SLP) programs in place at the charter school because CWC does not have these special needs programs.

We can’t let Citizens of the World Charter School take part of our students’ school away! Let’s protect our students’ access to their facilities!

 How can we protect our students?

        1) Sign this petition.

        2) Join us at CWC Board of Directors Meetings:     


  • March 22, 2017: CWC Silver Lake TK-5- 5616 Carlton Way., Los Angeles, CA 90028 6pm 
  • April 19, 2017: CWC Mar Vista- 11561 Gateway Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064 6pm 

       3) Contact the CWC board members:


  • Josh McLaughlin (Board Chair and Parent Representative) :
  • Heather McManus (Vice Chair):
  • Rick Esquivel (member):
  • Stacey Rossley Staples ( Secretary, Treasurer, and Parent Representative):
  • James Rosenblatt (Member and Parent Representative):
  • Ina Barish (Member and Parent Representative):
  • Carl Christopher (Member):
  • Lindsey Phillips (Regional Operations): 

       4) Contact the LAUSD Officials:

  • Jose Cole-Gutierrez (Director of Charter School Division for LAUSD): 213-241-5130,
  • Dr.George McKenna III (LAUSD Board Member District 1): 213-241-5130
  • Cheryl Hildreth (Local District West Superintendent):     310-914-2100

       5) Contact Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Koretz (5th District):

  •, (213) 473-7005


Citizens of the world address and school phone number:

  • (424) 248-0544;; CWC-Mar Vista 11561 Gateway Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 

CWC Mar Vista Principal: Alison Kerr;

Palms Family Association website:

News Coverage:

Palms Elementary Protest News Clip 3-20-17

Video of Palms Family Association Members At LAUSD Board Meeting


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