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YR 13 Common Room Issue

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P.N.G.H.S year thirteens are about to be kicked out of their common room, and lose their privileges (kitchen, microwave, fridge, hot water, study desks, chairs, couches, heated room, lockers etc..). 

Students' voices are said to be heard within the school, however we are disappointed that our view points regarding the current situation were not taken into consideration.

The common room is one of the only privileges available to year 13 students. We are no longer allowed to wear mufti, and cannot leave during free periods or lunch.

Due to the renovations of the library, our 'common room' will now be situated within the Huia Centre foyer. A space in which there is no heating, or furniture. The flooring is concrete, and access to kitchen facilities will be denied. Because of this, year thirteen students will have to return to wasting our time and money for these resources at the cafe. 

Our year group are all responsible young women, whom have not given liable reason for the mistrust which has been aimed towards our year group.

We are aware that it is not possible to keep our common room under the circumstances, however, we would appreciate access to the kitchen in the Huia Centre Foyer, heating, or free access to the microwave and hot water at the cafe. If this is not possible, we are asking to have the privilege of leaving throughout the lunch hour or during our free periods, a privilege previously revoked. If heating is denied, we ask kindly for the use of puffer jackets to be taken into consideration. 

Thank you,


Year 13 Students of P.N.G.H.S

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