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Ratepayers Revolting Against Rising Rates.

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Ratepayers cannot afford the inflated increase of 6.4% per annum. Most of Palmerston Norths ratepayers are on a fixed income or are pensioners who do not get large or any increase in income annually.  If we went to our employee and asked for an increase of 6.4% for cosmetic up grades we would be told to get back to work or go get another job if we were not satisfied with our income. The mayor asking for that much increase is self centred.

We want the council to trim back their expenses like we have to. Deal with the basics first, water supply, waste water, footpath and road maintenance, which is a danger to people on mobility scooter or walk and are not steady on their feet. It doesn't take much to twist an ankle or fall. Older peoples bones are more brittle than younger folk. As for making sections for more people, we need to increase our water supply and have a healthy waste water system to accommodate them. Upgrades and beautification of Broadway can wait, after all the store that made Broadway boom has long gone. Rate increases should be annual inflation related not by want..

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