Call for a Designated Small Dog Area at Marlow Lagoon Dog Park!

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The Problem
Marlow Lagoon Dog Park is a great space for dogs to run around and play in. So much so, that it is often used by people who live in the city and surrounding suburbs, and the rural areas!
However it is not used to its full potential, due to the number of small dogs and their owners who are too scared to use the area.
Smaller dogs at the dog park are frequently stepped on, and roughed up by the larger dogs. They mostly just don’t know their size, and have no ill intent! But with an average of a 47kg weight difference between a Chihuahua and an Irish Wolfhound, this can easily become a serious vet trip.
With a growing number of dog attacks happening within the park, it’s only a matter of time before a small dog is severely injured, or even killed.

There is currently a small dog play group that exists to try and combat this problem, but they meet in the smaller fenced off area in the dog park. This area is intended for all dogs to use, so it often has larger dogs already using it. Also, it is not very well-equipped; it has no shade, and is currently turning into a dirt/dust pit because it isn’t irrigated. This is not ideal for small dogs, as they are very close to the ground, and consist of many fluffy breeds that seem to carry the entire garden in their coats!

The Solution
I call upon the Palmerston City Council to build an area specifically for small dogs.
Please create a safe space for us so that our dogs can play together, with far less risk!

I conducted a verbal survey of around 30 people at the dog park (small, medium and large dog owners) and these were the results:
Everyone agreed that there should be a safe space for the small dogs to play in. The area should be fairly large, so that people can throw balls for their dogs in it, and it should have similar facilities to the existing area.

This ideally would include:

  • Access to the area without having to interact with the larger dogs.
  • Irrigation.
  • Shade trees.
  • A human and dog drinking station, and a water trough for the dogs to cool off in.
  • A picnic bench to sit at, with protection from the rainy wet season.
  • A bin for dog waste bags.
  • A double gate entry.
  • Lighting, so people can use the area at night.
  • An agility course.

Please Support a Safe Area for Small Dogs!
Palmerston is the fastest growing city in the Northern Territory. And with more people, come more small dogs, and more need for an area like this!

Please sign this petition, and support our dogs having a safe space to play in. Whether you have a big dog or a small dog; if you think it’s a good idea, we would really appreciate your help!

Thank you for your time :-)