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Remove Clare Hreschak, a child abuser and pedophile, from the classroom permanently.

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In April of 2013, Rachel Mallino Fowley, the daughter of Clare Hreschak (also known as Clare Mallino and Clare Agnolucci) outed her mother as a pedophile in a blog post entitled "I Am Clare Hreshcak's Daughter" -

Within three days, the story went viral with over 35,000 views. The story was republished twice in The Examiner and Synchronized Chaos. Rachel gave an interview to the ABC news affiliate in W.P.B, Florida and spoke to a reporter at the Palm Beach Post - both news organizations were unable to run the story due to the public school district and Palm Springs Community Middle School "stone-walling" them.  Teachers at PSCMS were instructed repeatedly to "not speak to the media".  Clare Hreschak was also arrested in 2000 for Domestic Battery against her husband. The public school district removed Clare Hreschak from the classroom and initiated an inside investigation within the school police department. Two people gave sworn, eye witness statements to the school police regarding the accusations made against Clare Hreschak, confirming Rachel's story. Rachel was questioned only twice during the entire investigation and the detective on the case would not return Rachel's phone calls.

We feel that proper due diligence has not been completed within the school district police department and Clare Hreschak is now returning to the classroom at Palm Springs Community Middle School in the Fall of 2013. The current law states that the statute of limitations has expired regarding the abuses made against Rachel as a child at the hands of her mother, however we feel that Clare Hreschak should not be allowed to teach children, despite the "limitations" on sex crimes.

We are asking that Palm Springs Community Middle School and the Palm Beach County School District remove this monster and pedophile from the classroom. We can not allow the Teachers' Union to protect a pedophile as opposed to protecting children.

Sandra Jinks and Chuck Shaw, we ask that you remove Clare Hreschak from the classroom permanently.

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