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Save JHS Powderpuff!

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For the past 50 years, Jupiter High School has held an annual girls tackle powderpuff football game in May between the seniors and the juniors. Since it's introduction, the game has become a part of the fabric and character of the town. Many mothers- and some grandmothers- can recall when they played in the historic game, as they watch their own daughters take part in a special tradition that is truly like no other, as it captivates the rest of the town, year after year. What makes it a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience is that a full-contact tackle powderpuff football game isn't done anywhere else in the NATION. As many schools that did play tackle slipped away over the years and changed to flag or canceled the games entirely, Jupiter High has stood it's ground and is now the lone reminder that girl's can -and deserve- to play tackle football just as much as boy's do.  But this game that is rooted in the history of the town and has taken on a tradition of equality, sportsmanship and just plain fun is now over, with the Palm Beach County School District telling us that we are no longer allowed to play the tackle game we all love and have been waiting for. Many consider that canceling the game was inevitable (as the world becomes safety-regulated to death) but why should it be? One game a year, in one school where it means something to the entire town should not be a blemish but instead an accomplishment! With girls all being fit for proper pads, learning how to tackle correctly from the boy’s team and completing all the necessary paperwork, the correct precautions are being taken and have been taken ever since the introduction of the game in 1965, with no serious injuries on record. It is a cancelation out of fear alone as the game has run smoothly for over half a decade with no reasons to change the board's minds. Right now the game is not going to happen but there is still time to make the change and get our game back, and all we need is support to convince the school board to LET THEM PLAY.

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