Allow unnatural hair color in school

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My 10 year old daughter Tatiana Perdomo who attends Palm Bay Elementary in Panama City Fl, was asked to leave school until she has a natural hair color. She is a straight A student with perfect attendance, high FSA scores and never been in trouble ! 

Two days ago we decided to finally let her dye her hair teal and blue, not knowing the school hand book states it’s not allowed. Going to school she was so excited and had so much confidence, she was in love with what she seen in the mirror, only to be kicked out of school the following day due to the policy and completely crushed, My child is not the only child with colored hair at school but the only one singled out and I’m not the only parent who feels this policy should be lifted! I feel the kids should be able to express themselves respectfully. I feel a child shouldn’t be asked to leave school and not return until their hair is a natural color. I’m taking a stand for all students and parents who would like to see the “unnatural hair color policy” be lifted ! Please join me in doing so - Thank you !