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Request for President E.D. Mnangagwa to address issues that affect US Zimbabweans.

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Honourable President E D Mnangagwa

Congratulations on your new appointment as our President.
The last few weeks have been tumultuous and challenging for yourself, your family and the country as a whole. We thank God that a resolution was reached without any blood shed. In this case, it is not the journey, but the destination that we are thankful for. Today we are a country with a glimmer of hope for our future. We truly hope you will be the man to take this spark and set forces in motion to turn it into a burning unquenchable flame.

In your unique and sudden position, we know not what to expect from you. We neither know your vision or your mission. We dare not expect miracles, but as people who have been downtrodden for years on end, the weight on your shoulders is and will be huge.
We still support you nonetheless!

Listening to your speech at your inauguration, you said all that the average person wanted and needed to hear. But we do feel you did not address some issues which will forever hold our nation back. We humbly request that you address the matters outlined below through your many official communication channels so as to affirm and confirm this positive change in our governance.

1. Past violence and atrocities in Zimbabwe.
1980 was the end of one form of oppression and the beginning of another. We as brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe feel that the lack of acknowledgement of the violent acts carried out towards any who challenged the government is an infection buried deep within our country. Left unattended, it has festered and caused the tribal and provincial rifts to widen. Please tackle the issue head on and allow people to hear the truth, locate the bodies of long lost loved ones who disappeared under suspicious circumstances and grieve. This is not so as to prosecute, but to allow us to heal so we can finally let bygones be bygones.

2. Recognise those who refused to let democracy die.
Pardon and erase the records of our activists who have long fought the previous regime whilst senior government officials ignored their plight. Pardon the thousands of Soldiers who, after pledging their lives to protect their country, had to face the humiliation of deserting the army rather than be a part of a system they saw was hurting their own flesh and blood. Recognise all those who showed spirit and courage when so many suffered in silence. Those are the people who kept the spirit of democracy alive from the times of Gukurahundi to this very day. You, your Excellency,  were made a pariah, but now you have risen to be the most powerful patriot in our country. Please allow others who have faced similar hardships to not have to pay for it for their whole lives and have permanent records affecting their future.

3. Policies to prevent a repeat of history.
After having a state governed by one man, and seeing the trend in other African countries of extended presidential terms, we are scared history will repeat itself. The power lies in your hands. Would you be willing to share that power and place genuine committees and bodies who can hold presidents, senior military and government personnel accountable for every decision made? Our government structure allows corruption, mismanagement and self gain to be hidden and not questioned. If you, your honour can take the first step in setting out policies regarding transparency, this would show a strength and a will to erase the mistakes of our previous leader.

4. 2018 elections.
We truly hope that the elections next year will not only be free and fair, but also allow the true voice of the people to be heard, regardless of the result. You have spoken of wanting people in the diaspora to return home, empower them by allowing them to cast their vote. Let this be the first time where every Zimbabwean, regardless of colour, age, creed or location, can participate in what may be one of the greatest moments of our independent lives. Choosing a leader based on what the leader promises to do. With estimates of over 4 million people outside the country, this would be the first step towards empowering them whatever the result, your actions and achievement will forever be etched as the 2nd most defining moment of our independent state after the initial independence in 1980.

We trust that you, The Honourable Ministers, and your capable team have plans in motion to address our next ‘truly free and fair elections', the economy, foreign investment, compensating those who lost their livelihood through previous policies and re-joining families spread throughout the entire world. We have heard your promises and we trust in them. We now hope you can directly address the issues mentioned.

This is not a demand your Excellency, only a request from a people who have long been denied the chance or luxury of publicly sharing our views, let alone requests.
You said you are our servant, we say, you are a hero!


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