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President Abbas: We Implore You to Join the International Criminal Court and Sign the Rome Treaty Now!

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The State of Palestine has an observer status in the UN General Assembly, which enable the Palestinian leadership to join various international bodies including the International Criminal Court.  The Israeli assault and crimes committed against the Palestinians in Gaza must be addressed at the International Criminal Court, which can only take place if the Palestinian Authority and leadership sign the Rome Treaty and become a member.  Every human life is sacred and the murder of Palestinians by the Israeli military must come to an end and those responsible brought to justice.  

Indeed, the aggression on Gaza has already surpassed all levels of brutality and cruelty with the Israeli army unleashing a violent campaign that has so far resulted in more than 1900 deaths (including more than 400 children, 300 women and dozens of elderly people), and more than 9,000 wounded (over 1500 children).  In this campaign, no building, however sacred, was spared: more than 8,500 homes, 76 mosques, 2 churches, and 25 hospitals and health clinics were destroyed.  Ambulances, doctors, nurses and paramedics, schools, universities, UN buildings, libraries, shelters, food markets, playgrounds, graveyards were also bombed, in addition to 152 educational facilities.

According to Israeli authorities 95 percent of the sixty declared Israeli fatalities are military, while according to the UN about three-quarters of Palestinian casualties are civilians. Consequently, top UN officials and human rights groups have conducted investigations and accused Israel of “war crimes,” and even called for the UN to impose an arms embargo against Israel.

We urge President Abbas and the PA to stand-up to US, Israel and Arab world pressures and not bargain away the lives of the Palestinians for promises of foreign aid, VIP access, rebuilding resources, or handed-down privileges.  The time to act is now and we expect; rather we demand that the PA leadership and President Abbas act to honor the memory and the sacrifices of the Palestinians in Gaza by pursuing the killers at the International Criminal Court until they face justice.  Anything less is a betrayal of all those who lost their lives and will only embolden Israeli political and military leaders to do it again. 

President Abbas, Join the International Criminal Court Today!

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