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Thursday, June 7, 2012

During the past couple of weeks, a campaign of misinformation intended to generate ill will and punitive action against Palermo’s, its employees and customers has been initiated by a small group of activists.

The group has manufactured controversy where none existed in a shameful attempt to manipulate our employees into harming the company.

Palermo’s was contacted by U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) and asked to submit employee I9 forms for an audit. We complied with their request as we would with any state or federal agency. After its review, ICE alerted us to the fact that some of our employees needed to re-validate the information they provided us when they were hired.

Although Palermo’s is a third party to this federal action, the company took steps to help ensure that the resources employees needed to quickly remedy their individual situations were made available to them.

The activists took this as an opportunity to use our employees for their own gain and have been publicly accusing the company of unfair labor practices; a stunning deception that is false on every level. Especially egregious is their allegation that Palermo’s took retaliatory action against employees attempting to organize.

At no time in the company’s history have complaints of this nature been voiced, and we are proud of the family atmosphere we’ve been able to create—largely due to our talented and loyal employees.

It is our hope that all of our employees will be able to return to work. We want them here and value the contributions they’ve made. Until that time we will continue to communicate the truth about the baseless accusations currently being made, and defend the company by all legal means necessary.

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