Help this man who saved his wife from suffering Alzheimer’s disease.

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The people of Canada, ask for forgiveness in the case of Michel Cadotte.

”A Quebec man on trial for the death of his wife told jurors Monday that he suffocated her with a pillow because he couldn't stand to see her suffering from Alzheimer's disease anymore.”

For starters, what is Alzheimer’s disease ?

It's the destruction and death of nerve cells that causes memory failure, personality changes, problems carrying out daily activities and other symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

The most common early symptom of Alzheimer's is difficulty remembering newly learned information because Alzheimer's changes typically begin in the part of the brain that affects learning. As Alzheimer's advances through the brain it leads to increasingly severe symptoms, including disorientation, mood and behavior changes; deepening confusion about events, time and place; unfounded suspicions about family, friends and professional caregivers; more serious memory loss and behaviourchanges; and difficulty speaking, swallowing and walking.

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Cadotte had asked for assisted death for his wife and was declined,to the lack of quality of life his wife was having he decided to take matters in his own hands. As to the pyramidal hierarchy of needs most of his wife’s needs were unmet. In health care we learn the importance of Maslows theory and why it is important for all human living beings. Her needs were unmet and therefor we the public feel that he is not guilty of murder. He should not be treated as a murderer and his sentence should be perceived differently. 

We do understand that this does not mean allowing people to take matters in their own hands with their loved ones but as you can see this is proof of why laws need to change. Nobody wants to see a loved one suffer and not being able to communicate their needs to others, nobody wants to see someone they love die but sometimes it’s the best route for a peace of mind and dying in dignity. Imagine being in a bed all day and having no idea of what you are doing there, naked In front of strangers , confused and scared? If this is what your final years are like would you want to go through that? 

We stand behind Cadotte and the decision he made and demand for change when it comes to assistive death when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Once we have obtain at least 500 signatures we will forward this to our prime minister and we will try to contact Wanda Morris to see if she may help us also. This petition will also be sent to MR. Cadotte lawyer 

Thank you