Discipline and harmony

Discipline and harmony

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We are in full support of our Trustees of Pakistan Canada Cultural Association. They are to protect the interest of the Association and it's Constitution.

There are few people who think they are still living in Pakistan and want to Break all kinds of Bylaws made by the organization. So we have to stop them.

Pakistan Canada Cultural Association is an organization of members and if a board member violates any Article of the Bylaws, we will not accept this.

We are not taught to disgrace anyone on any platform and we stand firm on this. We condemn those who are continuously doing personal character assassination of our Trustees and other respected members. We pray for their betterment and hope they will purify their mindset. And instead of wasting their time in useless things, should come up and join hands for the progress of our beloved community.

We are peaceful people and living in a peaceful country. We love Canada and Pakistan Canada Cultural Association in Saskatoon.

Long live Canada

Long live Pakistan Canada Cultural Association.