Brands should Stop marketing text messages to consumers without consent

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i am writing on behalf of myself, and the millions of consumers in Pakistan who enjoy a cellphone connection facility
this petition is regarding the never ending, unwanted text messages we get from everyone in the market for marketing their product and services.

there are two types of messages we get.

1. messages comes from a number, which is visible in the cellphone inbox, and we have the option to block that number (option in smartphones only)
2. message comes from a name, where the name of the company is visible only, there is no number, and no other information and nothing can be done about this, the sender cannot be blocked.

we are a strong nation working hard in making our country a better place.
One unwanted message wastes at least 30 seconds to open and delete. With us getting at least 10-15 messages in a day from these senders, a total of 8-10 minutes are being wasted on an average, per day of every mobile connection user in Pakistan. imagine the time, and the cost the whole nation is incurring on this activity as a whole. The time that could be utilized elsewhere, somewhere constructive.

It is about time, Pakistan telecommunication authority takes action and introduce a system where people can opt in or opt out of these messages at their will.