Include #ChildRights in Election Manifestos GE 2018 #PAKISTAN

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Dear Friends of Children, 

It is the right time to presurize all the Pakistani Political Partiies to include a special section, to take a stand on Protection of Child Rights in their Election Manifesto.  

No Political Party have declared yet any constructive action for the Well Being of Children and Protection of Child Rights in the Country or the Provinces respectively.  

The following are the 7 Child Protection Policy Points we demand the Parties to include in their Election Manifesto :

1. Effort for implement Right To Education Act,2012 – guarantee us a Free & compulsory Education to all the Children in the State.

2. Adhere United Nations Convention for Rights of the Children - UNCRC Convention, accept and act for the well being of us who are all below 18 Years.

3. Abide the law – Commit to not to engage any Child Labourers in your houses/ offices and Institutions.

4. Tell us, you discourage the Child Marriages and support Girls to Educate.

5. Commit to Protect the Children from sorts of abuses around you.

6. Have and abide the Child Protection Policy – CPP of your Party by all the Elected Members, Leaders, and the Cadre.

7. With stand that every Child of us and our rights are being protected by you and your ‘Fellow Party men.’

Thanks in Advance,

Agha Mohsin Ali

Child and Human Rights Activist