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Pakistan’s Parliament passed a resolution in February 2020 calling for the public hanging of convicted child killers and rapists, drawing a quick backlash from human rights organisation.

A quick backlash came after this from the members of the parliament including our Human Rights Minister Shireen Mizari.

According to them, Rapists and Abusers shouldn’t be publicly hanged because then “the rapist will have to think twice before leaving a girl alive after he has sexually assaulted her”.

This is one among other unintended, undesirable consequences of implementing such law. Their demand for not demanding a public hanging of a rapist may actually be a sensible idea but it’s traumatizing to think that our law ministers are coming up with a possibility which is still dependant on what can happen. Statiscally, every 5th women in pakistan gets sexually harassed and assaulted in a year. It is absurd to support one idea which, even though sensible, is advocated by all wrong reasons. The same rapist who has been involved in one  rape will have the audacity to sexually exploit more women whenever he gets a chance untill HE’S HANGED. Because even though the above supported idea is valid, the chances of the latter happening are high comparatively.

Women are dying, women are getting raped, harassed, tortured and robbed even in front of their children.

It’s horrifying to think what this place will look like if it continues to happen, survival of women in this country will be really really difficult. Therefore, we appeal Pakistan’s judicial system and Government of Pakistan to take a strict action against rapists by PUBLICLY HANGING THEM so women in this country will not be deprived of their basic human rights.