Justice for Uyghur Muslims

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Uyghurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims, and there are about 11 million of them in western China. Muslims are tortured and oppressed in Xinjiang, China.

China has been rounding up Uighur Muslims and detaining them without trial in a massive network of internment camps, which currently hold an estimated 1 million people.

Human Rights Watch says Uighur people in particular are subject to intense surveillance and are made to give DNA and biometric samples. Those with relatives in 26 "sensitive" countries have reportedly been rounded up, and up to a million detained. Rights groups say people in camps are made to learn Mandarin Chinese and criticise or renounce their faith. Former prisoners told BBC of physical as well as psychological torture in the concentration camps. They are forced to renounce their religion and pay allegiance to Chinese communist party. Entire families had disappeared, and they told that detainees were tortured physically and mentally. Evidence of almost a complete surveillance state in Xinjiang was shown. Hijab has been banned and Women are forced to marry Chinese atheist men. Children are sent to state-run orphanages where Chinese values are forced on them. China is killing innocent people and it is staying silent, we won't let it stay silent. Please speak up.Conditions of Muslims is heartbreaking and totally unacceptable.

Since the 9/11 attacks in the US, China has increasingly portrayed its Uighur separatists as auxiliaries of al-Qaeda, saying they have received training in Afghanistan. Little evidence has been produced in support of these claims.

China denies that there are internment camps but says people in Xinjiang are receiving "vocational training". A senior official in Xinjiang says the region is facing the "three evil forces" of terrorism, extremism and separatism.

These statements themselves are concessions and  unacceptable. If they think that those Muslims are terrorist than they should give proper proof before taking an action or generally say that yes, us Pakistanis are terrorists too. They deserve no right to give their so-called 'vocational training' forcefully and torture them. It should either stop its oppression or claim and openly oppress so that it can be openly dealt with.

Furthermore, it is a request for the public to boycott Chinese products in protest, we do not want Pakistan's government to boycott their products officially unless they think its right to do so. We want them to demand China for Muslim justice in friendliest way possible.

Our official demand is, firstly, to Pakistan's government to condemn this violence and stand for their justice. Secondly, to Pakistan's public to openly boycott Chinese products in protest. Thirdly, Social media pages to emphasize on China to release a statement. Fourthly, to aware our fellow Pakistanis about the information which our media brutually is concealing from us. And fifthly, to use this hashtag until it is popular in the whole world #metoouyghur