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More than 3000 premedical students leave Pakistan each year to study abroad in International countries around the globe. Most of them after becoming doctors passionately return to serve their mother land. Unfortunately since there is no proper induction system,Pakistan as a country suffers.According to an article written by Former Director General Health and Former President of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council A J Khan SI , of the 4000 doctors who graduate from government medical universities only 1300 end up working. There are only 85000 doctors for the drastically growing 197 million population making the doctor patient ratio 1:1800, however in another statement by regional director of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Dr Jehangir said that this ratio needs to be 200:1000.Pakistan at the current moment needs at least 65000 more doctors to fulfill it's immense shortage. So why are the massive number of International Doctors who exceed 3000 not initiated into the system!!

The sudden change  or takeover of PMDC, things look more bleak for doctors in general  however International doctors suffer the most.The license exam has been unexpectedly stopped leaving thousands in a limbo and no exception. The only vague notice on the official website states that registration of thousands of IMGs is not on forefront of PMC concern. Stated on the notice is:“As the NLE would take some time ( up to one and a half year has been said by PMC officials ) to prepare and initiate. It is clarified that this second proviso does not apply to foreign graduates as the mandatory condition of pre recognition of the International Institutions from where they have obtained qualification has not been exempted( eligibility has been issued to all doctors who gave the last NEB and previous PMDC has verified all the institutions) . Therefore, the second proviso is primarily for the benefit of students graduating from Pakistani medical ". Even though Pakistan is in severe need of doctors , nothing about international doctors being included is mentioned.

This drastic change impacts thousands of families. The biased treatment has influenced their mental and physical health. Doctors who spent precious resources, money and time but were left in a limbo, no exception or alternative is given. The future looks hopeless to them. Due to rampant corruption, frequent change of institutions that took the exam, the biased inequitable paper and long waiting period has driven some to suicide. Alarmingly after the last exam most graduates have lost hope and talked of death to be better to the persecution they face.

If you are one if those unfortunates to have gone through this biased system or are facing it currently please raise your voice to ask PMC, the Government and all institutions in the position to make the change to come forward and ease the plight of the valuable doctors awaiting license. Sign the petition demanding justice and the end to the violation of our rights as Pakistani citizens. United we are strong. We are the change we wish to see. All those who have suffered , those who are suffering and those who will have to suffer in the future, sign the petition and be people to change the system. IMGs have suffered enough. NO MORE!! WE ARE AN ASSET TO PAKISTAN AND WE DEMAND TO BE GIVEN A JUST AND EQUITABLE CHANCE TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY.

Below are the demands of Pakistani IMG's

1. To facilitate International doctors by providing provisional RMP to do house job and then take exam.

2. Conduct a One Step Exam to shorten unjust long waiting period for registration.

3. Conduct the exam within the first quarter of 2020.

4. Conduct the license exam quarterly so precious time isn't wasted.

5. Continue having computerized MCQ based paper which follows a set pattern and the questions are within the scope of subjects/topics mentioned.

6. Have same one institution take the exam.

7. Provide paid house jobs so that doctors can focus on learning and providing the best medical care instead of getting distracted, worrying or resorting to unlawful /unethical means of covering their basic expenses.