Forced Conversion - Hindu minor girls in Pakistan

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On the day of most celebrated Hindu festival of colours Holi, two minor girls Raveena and Reena aged 14 and 12 were kidnapped from their parents home in Ghotki district Sindh province of Pakistan - they were forcibly converted to Islam within 24 hours and got married off in 48 hours. The police took no action the perpetrators of the crime on the desparate calls of the girls' father. 

The perpetrators claim that the girls voluntarily converted to Islam and have consented to Nikah however at their tender age they have no discretion to give such consent and the same has been extracted under threat to their lives. 


Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan had promised exemplary tolerance towards its minorities but his govt has failed to keep its promise.


We urge that the girls be retrieved from the unlawful custody of whosoever has them and perpetrators be booked for crime without further loss of time.